This is an archive of the band profile for Secret Sirens.

Narelle Frances
Andrew Siron

Additional Secret Sirens include the live band members:

Natasha Williams (Keys & backing vocals)
Stu Turner (Guitar & backing vocals)
Michael Crawford (Bass)

Secret Sirens is a Pop music project created by singer/songwriter/keyboardist Narelle Frances and multi-instrumentalist and music visionary Andrew Siron.

Based in Leeds, the duo write and produce their music to capture images of fantasy, mythology, love and hate in the form of what has been described as 'Dramatic Pop'.

"I never knew what genre to describe our music as, I just knew we wanted it to be dramatic, with a large sound scape, touch on people's emotions, and generally create catchy pop songs in some shape or form" explains Narelle, front woman of Secret Sirens.

Narelle is Yorkshire born, but with exotic roots from her maternal grandmother who hails from a rather tiny and unknown island in the South Atlantic Ocean called St Helena. It has approximately 5000 inhabitants, they first received TV in 1995 and Napoleon was extradited there. "I've been inspired by my grandmother's life and where she came from in a lot of my songwriting, in fact most of my family and friends are my sources of inspiration - they just don't know it!".

Andrew Siron (also Yorkshire born) is one the tallest musicians you will ever probably meet, standing at a mighty 6ft 6" with a surname that partly inspires the name Secret Sirens. "We wanted something musical and linked with greek mythology, and liked the idea of 'Sirens that sweetly sing'. There's also the added bonus of it being a slight spelling variation of my surname!".

The duo have worked together previously and between them have had some indie chart success and some Top 10 remixes of their tracks in the Commercial Club Charts in various musical past lives. They've performed at designer Karen Millen's house above a swimming pool for her Christmas party ("a bit dangerous") and have performed alongside the likes of Corinne Bailey Rae, Mica Paris, The View, The Pigeon Detectives, You Me At Six and Goldie Lookin' Chain.

The duo both state they are inspired by so many artists such as David Bowie, The Beatles, Elton John and Prince, however admit their music doesn't necessarily sound like the people that inspire them. "We love the fact it's just two of us creating all the noise and drama" explains Andrew.

They like Grimm Brothers Fairytales and all things mystical. Narelle claims she watches too many soaps and true life documentaries which quite often inspires her creativity - "after all there's nowt queerer than folk."

Secret Sirens are Northern for sure, but their roots are not just set in the beautiful sweeping landscapes of Yorkshire. Their music takes you on an imaginary exploration around the world and deep within your mind and heart.....