This is an archive of the band profile for Caesar Stars.

A cattle chucking farmer bastard provided the band with songs and transport.

A liverpudlian piss head provided the band with enthusiasm, bass lines and monster munch.

An unequipped tall man from Derby provided the band with energy, controversy and sausage rolls.

The misheard name of a racehorse provided the band with a name.

Through luck and lager, three renegades have been drawn together on one big long line of fate with the similar but not identical intention of making shit hot music.

As people we are nothing, but as a band we've built a back catalogue of refreshing indie rock songs, generated huge amounts of positive feedback, won competitions and shook the minds of anyone that's ever heard us leaving them depressed and down trodden as they know full well, that they will never hear us for the first time again. Enjoy at your pleasure and just ask us to play. We'll gig ANYWHERE!!!

We are Caesar Stars..