This is an archive of the band profile for Haloed In The Headlights.

Haloed In The Headlights is ANDIE GILL (Vocals/Instruments)

The live band 2010:

Jake Brown (guitars/vocals)
Josh Baytrip (keys/guitars/vocals)
James Hughes (live drums)
Chris Mackay (live drums)

Haloed In The Headlights was born in 2002 by Andie Gill with a little help from Mick Reed (Ship Of Fools), Rammy (Drugs Free America) and Les Smith (Anathema/ex-Cradle Of Filth). Of course these members were only a temporary line up due to their full time commitments in their main bands, so the HITH live line up has since had something of a revolving door policy. Keeping things strongly DIY, HITH have self recorded 3 albums, 2 EPS and a and several demos collections that they have sold/given away straight to the people that have shown interest, cutting out the middlemen that can mostly ruin the enjoyment of music..