This is an archive of the band profile for Unsuitable Pets.

James Hinks - (Guitar & Vocals)
Dan Sheen - (Guitar & Vocals)
Danny O'Shaughnessy - (Bass)
Darren Thomas - (Drums)

Formed in September 2009 in Leeds, Unsuitable Pets got their first gig after just a week together. It was shit. Luckily they improved for their second gig and have been gigging around the West Yorkshire area ever since.

After several requests for demo's, Unsuitable Pets are currently in the studio self-recording their first demo, whilst battling personal issues. Darren is fighting a losing battle with drugs and alcohol, Danny just cannot keep his hands to himself, James' narcissistic behavior is starting to wear on the other band mates and Dan is sure he is the reincarnation of Brian Jones..