This is an archive of the band profile for The Picture Palace.

Formed in 2008 at Manchester University, The Picture Palace began as an acoustic duo, consisting of Luke Hardaker (formerly of Broken Arrow) and Ross Dryden. A year later Patrick Gunn (also of Sterling) and Josh Seldis were added to give the band the option of using a wider variety of instruments. The band prides themselves on playing "Pop" music as it should be, a mixture of Rock, Pop, Folk, Blues and various other styles, delivered with energy, heart and pride. After spending a year refining their songs, and writing a large amount of original material, The Picture Palace now look to advertise themselves to your ears on the gig circuit.

For fans of: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Mumford and Sons, The Rumble Strips, Rufus Wainwright, Conor Oberst, etc.

The Band:

Ross Dryden: Keys/Guitar/Vocals

Patrick Gunn: Guitar/Bass/Drums/Vocals

Luke Hardaker: Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Joshua Seldis: Drums/Guitar/Keys/Vocals.