This is an archive of the band profile for Box Jellys.

Oliver Farnell - Vocals, Guitar
Bryn Price - Guitar
Danny Payne - Bass
Luke Parker - Drums, Vocals, other noises
We are Box Jelly's.

Things started back in early 2009 acoustically with Olly and Brynosaurus, then our first bassist and drummer arrived.

We practised as and when, then our first drummer left and our second drummer joined for a bit, then he left in the middle of the night and in strolled the multi-talented mishmash of Luke Parker.

Luke possessed phenomenol musical powers after being struck by a radioactive drum stick (not the chicken sort).

Not long after our first gig in september '09 our original bassist vanished under mysterious circumstances, so we recruited Danny "5-picks" Payne to complete our line up.

Many months of practicing in a dark, damp, cow-infested barn in North Yorkshire then ensued, and inspired by the stink of our co-habitants we got our first demo recorded and a second is one on the way !!

Jelly Love.