This is an archive of the band profile for Ukulele Bitchslap.

Jessica Bowie
Beverley Moslin

Ukulele Bitchslap are Leeds' greatest ever all female ukulele covers band! Born out of a mutual appreciation for alcohol and silly songs, Ukulele Bitchslap started out as two girls in the living room getting pissed and making lots of noise with ukuleles, reinventing songs of the past - over a year on not much has changed!

Ukulele Bitchslap comprises Jess Slap and Bev Slap whose interests include: strumming, picking, singing, drinking wine cider and herbal tea (in that order), eating cakes, wearing lovely dresses, playing with cats.

Ukulele Bitchslap's first public performance was on 11th June 2008 at The Packhorse pub in Leeds West Yorkshire..