This is an archive of the band profile for Tomorrow We Sail.

Tomorrow We Sail is a collection of 7 musicians based in Leeds, UK. Formed in 2009 they have spent the past two years developing and morphing their sound and songs into what is now a vast landscape of guitar, piano and orchestration.

Within the songs themselves you can find elements of folk, slowcore and post-rock but the movements and pieces Tomorrow We Sail create are beyond that, beyond a specific niche or catagorisation. The mood set by the band is a glacial one, leaving you hanging within the songs, waiting for the next subtle change or another hidden melody to appear. There is patience and elegance ingrained as the music takes its time to unfold and build to it's majestic conclusion, it's never forced or overblown; simply performed to it's natural ending.

After self-releasing debut EP 'The Common Fire' last year, the group retreated to their basement studio and rehearsal space to create the foundations of a new single release 'The White Rose'. Once again self-released it features two extensive tracks - 'The White Rose' and 'Leningrad'. Available on limited edition CD and downloadable from November 28th..