This is a review of "Laugh Like A Horse EP" recorded by Galitza. The review was written by Andy Roberts in 2002.

There's extra special value for punters with this new and completely delectable horse-themed (note abstract gee-gee cover-art) EP from the Wrath records stable. With five prime thoroughbred tracks waiting to thunder from your stereo, Galitza sure aren't messing about when it comes to releasing records.

Their sound provides hints aplenty as to the band's former incarnations. Scratchy riffing and storming guitar flourishes contrasting plaintive vocal moments are a direct link from Emma's former band, the much-missed Chest. Similarly, inventive antics seep through from the rest of the band who used ply their trade around these parts as the bowling-shirted Landspeed Loungers.

Galitza is arguably a greater beast than the sum of the two former separate behemoths of the Leeds scene. This really is an accomplished local supergroup both on paper and on record. And one that is right at the top of their slightly left-field but mature pop game with their first release proper.

'You Must Be The Devil', 'Rattle In Me' and 'Stalker' all have a sinister feel coursing through their lyrical veins and an emphasis on alternating shades of light and dark. Dynamically uplifting walls of guitar give way to delectable gentle moments or vice-versa at numerous points in these first three tracks.

'Empty Hands' with Steve on vocals, jauntily chugs into view before Sixties cover 'White Horses' (with added guttural growling) rounds things off in sugarcoated fashion continuing the horse-type antics.

"Galitza love horses because of their majestic beauty and obvious nearness to God. Horses nuzzle and laugh but they never bitch or say mean things." Says Emma on the band's current equine fixation.

It's sure hard to argue with that. Given the horse propaganda on offer here it's safe to assume Galitza have never blown their last tenner on a useless nag in the 4.45 at Kempton.

For much less than ten quid you'll find this excellent record in all fine independent record shops or on the net at

It's a nailed-on certainty you won't be disappointed.