This is an archive of the band profile for The Spector Effect.

The Spector Effect are a dedicated 5 piece indie rock/post-punk band based in and around Leeds. Inspired by a shared love of music we formed in mid-2009 and have been gigging since early 2010.

Our aim is to provide a unique sound experience that viciously assaults the senses.. as well as providing an alternative to the mainstream music that is force fed upon us. Our sound is best described as energetic and frenetic with psychedelic undertones. Wailing guitar riffs, chaotic strumming patterns, pulsating bass lines and intense back beats, lavishly topped with in-your-face melodies. We love to put on a show and are willing to travel to most places.

We aspire to be original in our music, though have had the following noted comparisons, Talking Heads, Television and Joy Division.

In November 2010 we recorded out second CD which includes tracks The Nook, Never Felt Before, A Passionate Kiss and Love Lost Forever.

You can listen to both CD's in full on our myspace..