This is an archive of the band profile for Skinless Battalion.

Vocals - Scott
Guitars - Matt
Bass - Andy
Drums - Jason

This band was made by a bunch of guys in college who wanted to make a good sounding interesting band, we put together our musical influences and came up with what we believe is real metal.

We all come from around west Yorkshire, we formed in late 2008 and began planning out the band going through different ideas and people to get what we want! We finally found that we could easily work on Hardcore/Grindcore/Death metal. We all study ND Music Tech at the Thornes Campus and have external influences and tones of knowledge but we're always learning on the road and in the studios.

All ways trying to push the band further and constantly improving on our sound, you will have to get used to us because we are planning on sticking around for a long time..