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You know that feeling you get when a piece of music or artwork or writing gets you. You know the one. Where it connects on some level with your emotions, happiness, fear, sorrow or just plain anger. It excites you or makes you cry or simply takes you to some other place where the mundanity of life drops away. That was where Ironrat was born.

Late 2008, Bradford, West Yorkshire, four old friends in their mid thirties finding that there was an absence of that feeling in their local community. With a shared love of all things Metal, the only answer was to create our own music that could regenerate that feeing and put some honesty back into music. Our music blends Metal, Rock & Blues with classic solo's (Sabbath, AC/DC, Danzig and Clutch to name a few) solid beats, crunching riffs and growling vocals. The end result being music that makes your foot stomp, your head bang and your ears bleed..