This is an archive of the band profile for The Broken Buttons.

The story of the Broken Buttons is a simple one. Too simple... I suppose I'd better elaborate a bit for these guys.

Three Yorkshire men with a common ground. Yeah...

Button 1 (Dan Bruce; singist, guitarer)
Button 2 (Dan Wilson; basserist, vocaliser)
Button 3 (Chris Powell;drummererer man)

Music was their first love, and it will be their last. Music of the future, and music of the past. To live without their music would be impossible to do, in this world of trouble their music pulls them through. Damn, I think I should copyright that...that was beautiful.

Q: Button 1, you have 30 seconds to comply. Talk!
Dan Bruce: about 10 years ago I was dragged by the scruff of my grandad shirt out of the bedroom to unveil my music to the "public". From wobbly beginings like a rabbit in the headlights in a band best left buried, the seed had been sown, and I have been writing songs ever since. Some of them are alright you know...and I can play the snooker tune.

Q: Button 2, both hands where I can see them please? Go on.
Dan Wilson: Some people spend their free time getting pissed up, playing games, watching zombie flicks, and stuff. Thats cool, I do too! But I also write the songs that make the whole world sing. I'm also groovin like Rick Rubin in the studio. You should see how many buttons I've got, and I even know what some of them do. How do I find the time? I'm Tyler frickin Durden dude.

Q: Button 3, is that a small dog you are devouring??

Q: So there you are, an in-depth, sleeves rolled up, no greasy residue insight into the world of the Broken Buttons. Like the Green Cross Code Man, they'll make you Stop, Look, Listen and Think. Well, the first two anyway..