This article was published in 2010.

Leeds band I Like Trains have this month revealed the details of their second album, but need the support of fans in making it happen.

The record - to be called 'He Who Saw the Deep' - will be released on the band's ILR record label and features the tracks: 1. When We Were Kings; 2. A Father's Son; 3. We Saw the Deep; 4. Hope is not Enough; 5. Progress is a Snake; 6. These Feet of Clay; 7. Sirens; 8. Sea of Regrets; 9. These Broken Bones; 10. A Divorce Before Marriage; and 11. Doves.

With the new album comes a new approach to releasing it. I Like Trains have set up a project on the Pledge website and are giving fans the opportunity to get their hands on a plethora of I Like Trains goodies.

As well as the new album, on offer are album artwork posters, lyric books, guitar lessons, vinyl only box sets and much more. All money pledged will help the band master, manufacture and market the record.

For those unaware of Pledge, no money actually exchanges hands until the full pledge target is met.