This is a review of "And They Danced on Glass" recorded by Bodixa. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2002.

On the back of their first single, "Give Me Rain", comes their debut album, "And They Danced On Glass". Released on Energy Records, this shows off the excellent potential of songwriting that Star*Bodixa possess. The band certainly know how to grab people's attention through their music. An album full of many styles, from powerful and melodic, to soft and moody. There are a few stand out tracks on here, the first single "Give Me Rain", "Universe Song", which reminded me of early Alanis Morisette material in the vocal quality and their next single "Fairytailed" (which I was singing for days on end! very catchy), which have all the promise to be big hits for the band. The softer element to the album comes in the form of "Balloon", "Film Song" and "Suits and Ties", very poppy but not as harsh due to the use of acoustic guitars and keyboards. And the track "Outside", in its guitar styling, is just lush. I can't say much more about this album except you deserve it in your cd collection, whether you like powerful melodic songs or soft sensual songs, there is something here for everyone. Buy It.