This is a review of "Cyanide Pills" recorded by Cyanide Pills. The review was written by Dave Procter in 2010.

I'm holding something that's 12 inches in size, chocolate brown and made of plastic. No, I'm not in Mr Neil's 'special cupboard,' but I am about to put this fine platter of vinyl onto my record deck. And what a record it is, from opener 'Conquer the World' to closer 36 minutes later 'Suicide Bomber,' a blitzkreig of political thought, social mishap, forgotten love, broken hearts and fucking in alleyways is outlined in quick, snappy, generally well-produced two minute punk-pop nuggets.

Each song starts, Phil Pettler lets his never-sounding-better vocals go, the point it made, the song ends and it's onto the next. It's not just about this though, as on 'Screw Me Up ' we get 50s doo-wap and lovely harmonies and on 'Interrogation Room,' we nearly scrape into hardcore. Good moves. There are a few songs (as you might expect on a 19 song LP) that could do with a "bit of work" - 'Someone to Love,' 'On the Outside' and 'Domino' are pretty average fare compared to the rest of the LP. Having said that, it's credit to the band that the quality of tunes overall is such that the majority of these could be singles, with the classiest moment 'Dictator' a top moment, literally. This is an LP you could keep listening to all day, which is what I'm doing while I'm typing this. So, if you like your pop-punk/punk-pop along the Buzzcocks route rather than Blink 182 (and who doesn't?) then this band is the one you should be getting into.