This is an archive of the band profile for Master & The Mule.

Master & The Mule mutated from the alias of "Immune" around the turn of 2009.

As their former they have previously released an EP 'elek' (Gizeh Records) in 2003 and then went on to release debut album, 1/f (Gizeh Records) in 2005. Both releases found critical acclaim and subsequent shows and tours followed with the likes of Pelican, Oceansize, Textures and Aerogramme.

After setting up in a new studio space in the bands hometown of Leeds in 2007 the 4 piece went back to basics and set about producing new material. Although musically Master & The Mule does not differ unrecognisably from that of Immune, the feelings within the band were that the new raw and concise approach to their music required a different title under which to present it.

Master & The Mule's music in basic terms is usually dark, heavy, slightly unusual guitar based music. A few odd time signatures are often the foundation, Vocals and various noises of synthetic or organic source usually make up the rest.

Having parted with Gizeh after the release of 1/f the band are now in the process of self releasing a wealth of new material over the coming months and shows are planned for the end of 2010..