This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Accolade. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2002.

Right to begin with I promise not to make any comments connecting poor bands with Bradford - I have recently had several, shall we say sharp remarks, pointing to the fact that I may be being unjust regards the city. I would like to state that I have nothing against Bradford and as a place that I spent many a happy boozy night as a student I am actually very fond of it. So the fact that Accolade are "tear your hair out material" has nothing to do with them being from Bradford what so ever!!

This ten track demo is clean, calm and collected soft blues rock, the likes of which made a generation in the 70's turn to punk. With vague and un-cool influences coming through to the tune of The Eagles, Billy Joel, Elton John up to Marillion, Crowded house and even on the last track, a touch of ZZ Top, it's no surprise that Accolade try to throw you off the scent in their War and Peace biog by quoting names like Coldplay, Travis and Radiohead - all of whom I can not believe they have actually listened to! And by the way, regarding that biog, I don't care what Roland Sound Module you used or who made your acoustic guitar!

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but listening to this CD for the forth time I'm desperately struggling to find anything that would make me want to return to it. It's neat and pleasant on the ear but from a songwriting angle the pace rarely varies from "plod" and the same tired old melodies and soul searching subjects are brought out and dusted off. Accolade obviously have talent in the musicianship department - regularly throughout the CD we are treated to some excellent piano work, some impressive but hideously out of date guitar solos, and a good vocal performance, but with little to work with all of these blur into a weedy mix.

With some guidance, the right production, and a trip through some of the grittier less girly side of rock, then Accolade could be putting their talents to good use, but for now they score a "completely unrelated to coming from Bradford"