This is an archive of the band profile for Velvet Star.

Voices: Danny
Bass: Corey
Guitar: Mewsy
Drums: Matt

With a dead eye stare & street punk sneer, Velvet Star hit you like a juggernaut travelling at high speed. Their cocktail of razor sharp riffs, low end grinding bass & leering vocal assault are gelled together tightly by the machine gun barrage of drums. Their songs have such massive anthem choruses that your brain will remind you all day & night just how damn good they are as you subconsciously wander around humming or singing them. Velvet Star are a threat to the current pop sensations & X factor fed fodder. They stand loud & proud for Rock N Roll. Their middle finger salute & rebellious stance, welcomes on all-comers. Theirs is a confidence that will breed into a new revolution of Rock disciples. As their lyric goes "too many miles from Hollywood" perhaps. But Velvet Star have all the razzle dazzle nonetheless!.