This article was published in 2010.

Unity Day is almost upon us (tomorrow) and the official line up for the event was revealed this week.

Unity Day 2010 will take place on Hyde Park (Woodhouse Moor) on Saturday 21st August. Events kick off around noon and will close at 10pm.

The Main Stage is headlined by Congo Dia Ntotila, with other bands set to appear including Hayashi; Quintessence; Jam Entertainment; Acid Drop; Chiaroscuro; Miranda Versus the Crok; The Asa Hawks; Tiger Shadow; Sewer Suckers; The Diamond Sea; Elephants on Acid and the Claire Cameron Band.

The Band & Beer Tent is headlined by X-Ray Cat Trio, with acts throughout the day being Eureka Machines; Blacklisters; The Soul Circle Gang; Tom Attah; DeLorean Drivers; Pet Accessories; The Red Pills; Mon Mon; Ols Moore and The Gypsy Dogs; and Oui Bee.

In the Cloth Cat Community Tent there will be Ramtin Montazemi; Vladimir Traditional; Sound Health; Matthew O' Connor; Pocket of 3; Andie Mills; The Old Time String Band; The Valtra Spring; the Junk Percussion Band; The Bluelighters; The Feelie Family; Probing Cranks. Headlining the tent will be the Happy Red Tractors.

Proceedings in the Oxjam Tent begin at 6pm with Jasmine Kennedy, followed by Liz Reynolds; Ninja Horses; Chrisopher Stocks; Ten; and headliners Cavil.

As usual this is just a highlight of the festivities. There is a lot lot more going on at Unity Day 2010, so get yourself down to the Hyde Park this Saturday and join in the fun.