This is a review of "It's Not Over Yet" recorded by Middleman. The review was written by Alex Morvaridi in 2010.

Now if you haven't heard of Leeds based greats Middleman, then the most fitting introduction to them is this upbeat, fast paced, storm trooper of a single. The dynamics of their sound is epitomized in this crazy ruckus with its catchy sing-a-long chorus, the electro-indie madness, the deep groove of bassist little Lee and the clever vocals of lead singer Andy.

The past 18 months have been tough for Middleman, with a messy affair (involving dodgy contracts and the sort) restricting the band's progress. But this single is a clear statement that 'It's Not Over Yet.' With previous releases having infectious catchy choruses 'It's not over yet' does not fail to please. It may not be as 'singleable' as previous single 'blah blah blah,' but it could easily excite a Cockpit crowd. The song itself is driven by anger, true meaning and confidence as lead singer Andy sings with passion "you're under my skin / I'm not ready to give in."

Although the verses may sound a little try hard, a little bit like 'post Mike Skinner rap' they are soon weighted by the resilience of the words and the addictive heavy vibe created in the breakdown and the confident and effective solo from guitarist Krish. The dub-step remix on the b-side is also a nice surprise adding further dimensions to their sound. Even though the lead guitar riff of 'It's Not Over Yet' sounds vaguely familiar, Middleman succeed at the indie-electro crossover. Their notorious live sets leave it clear that they are a band full of substance and that Middleman are definitely a band to look out for in the future.