This is a review of "The Shooting Star EP" recorded by The Idol Dead. The review was written by Jonny Dartz in 2010.

If you are hoping to impress a girl by saving an independent record shop from a corporate takeover, The Idol Dead have got a song called shooting star which sounds like the bad songs from 'Generation Terrorists,' and it would make a great soundtrack for the bit at the end where you dance together on the roof. At first, I thought they couldn't possibly be serious and that it was a sort of post- modern joke, like a slightly funnier version of The Darkness, which isn't difficult as The Darkness were about as funny as child mortality. But NO! They really mean it. They've got another song called, I kid you not, 'Church of Pain', which lacks only someone in a wheelchair shouting 'Timmy!' over the top to make it the ABSOLUTE BEST SONG EVER. It's easy to poke fun at people who have cut off denim jackets with Bon Jovi and Wildhearts patches sown on the back, and it is fun too, which is why I am doing it. However, while The Idol Dead (do you see what they did there?) might look like a sort of learning disabled Motley Crue playing a bubblegum metal pastiche at the end of the worst/best ever episode of the mighty boosh, and while they are indisputably, cluelessly crap in every possible way that a band could be, you can't fault them for sincerity, which is more than can be said for scenesterish little indie dickheads like me and all the bands that I listen to.

Do you know how Christians are convinced they will have the last laugh when they get to go to heaven? Well with The Idol Dead it is actually true. They don't care how cheesy they are because they are going to rampage around the world in a lurid pink and green transit van powered by lager and sex magic, cavorting with groupies that look like the singer out of Twisted Sister and throwing aeroplanes out of hotel room windows, while the rest of us are back home with our good record collections and our spiteful, petty little superiority. I wish I could go with them. It looks like a lot of fun.