This is a review of "Sold" recorded by Whole Sky Monitor. The review was written by Jessica Thornsby in 2010.

Leeds' Whole Sky Monitor prove that socially-aware punk rock can sometimes come in a deceptively melodic package, with their 'Sold' EP.

The strongest songs are title track 'Sold' and 'Church of Love-In.' 'Sold' is high octane modern punk, which occupies the point where shouty vocals and politically-aware lyrics meet snappy, accessible riffing, with a shimmying chorus thrown in for good measure. 'Sold' is a snotty glob of the punk ethos, wrapped up in glinting chords and melodic riffs. Again, 'Church of Love-In' successfully takes the anger traditionally found in more extreme-sounding bands and re-packages it as something you can hum along to. And it can boast some rabid vocals and an end-section of disco drums Biffy Clyro would be proud of, to boot.

'La Mouche' lacks the fizz of these two songs, opting instead for a sedate glint of guitars and "whoooooa-oooooh" vocals. This is a song to swing your feet to, but it fails to make the impression of 'Sold' and 'Church of Love-In.'

The 'Sold' EP is another strong addition to the Whole Sky Monitor back catalogue; crucially, spearheaded by a snappy and catchy, anti-Tory anthem in the form of 'Sold,' a song which just may win them a few new fans.