This is an archive of the band profile for My Forever.

The beat of the New York City streets seems to blend very well with the atmospheric tones of the Yorkshire air.

My Forever, who hail from Leeds, UK have reached the heights of mainstream radio by combining themes of escapism, love, sex, heartbreak and hope with grandular guitar, synth driven rock. Accomplished tours Nationwide have allowed the group to obtain a strong social media following and a loyal army of fans they like to call their family.

The lineup comprised of Dave Ingham (vocals/guitar) and brothers James Mallinson (guitar) & Lee Mallinson (drums) rack up an impressive resume for a band in its infancy, their credentials spread across each member and feature two consecutive BBC Radio 1 'Record of the week' syncs, an appearance on the Late Show w/David Letterman and performances at Leeds & Reading, T in the Park and London's Wembley Arena.

It's without doubt that 2017 is already set to be there most captivating year yet.

Although, things were not always as awe-inspiring as founder, Dave Ingham, explains "In 2015 I was personally going through one of the toughest years of my life and after several long periods of solid touring, I sat down to begin the process of writing songs again". Hugely inspired and with an abundance of stories to tell it was time for a new beginning. He explains , "Through every dark time, there's a constant search for "Clarity", finding a light at the end of a tunnel". Enter the Mallinson brothers at the end of 2015. "It was as if we found our long lost sibling", explains James. "The minute we started playing together, we knew. A sudden burst of emotion, honesty, rawness and energy, it was electric". Writing and recording of a new My Forever EP began in the early stages of 2016.

Their New York influence derives from Lee, who after playing and working in the city for a number of years delivers driving, fast powerful rhythms, which perfectly compliment James's intricate atmospheric guitars and the soaring emotive vocal melodies that Dave perfectly executes.

Dave explains "I have a fascination with things larger than life, something bigger than myself. The great wide open, space, dreams, other worlds, human connection, the vastness of an ocean. In the early stages of the band I spent a number of years by the East coast of England, which had a lasting effect on me. All these elements are a preponderant influence within my song writing.

The group decided to rent a converted chapel, now house in the vast countryside of north England, locked themselves away and began recording in April 2016. James recalls, "The escape from normality gave us time to really capture our sound and build on something that collectively we feel is very unique. It fits the modern rock format but it is its own entity and can only be recognized as being My Forever. We feel we have our own voice that people can instantly relate to and thats very important to us."

"Lyrically this is the most honest record to date", Dave explains. "Its all about honesty and writing from the heart. The new record captures every single emotion we go through when it comes to love, life, trust, heartbreak, overcoming dark times, and rebuilding yourself". "We should always hold onto hope, its the one thing that keeps us going, allows us to overcome, allows us to rebuild and change our outlook". "Like everybody I've been through dark patches in my life but that emotion, that struggle, that pain we experience, well its all ingrained in this record. This is the light at the end of the tunnel for me. It's my "hope".

"‹Lee explains "This record is about breaking the mould and creating something bigger than your surroundings would allow. Stepping outside our comfort zone, producing music that inspires, uplifts and excites people"

Work on the record continued throughout the Summer & Autumn 2016, across various studios in England & New York.
In December 2016 it was complete. Now in 2017, the Leeds 3 piece are ready to unveil everything they have been working on, firstly in the format of a 7 track EP titled
"C L A R I T Y" , (release date to be announced). They've just wrapped up filming the music video for the first single, which is being released imminently..