This is a review of "Honey Slides" recorded by Fossil Collective. The review was written by Jonny Dartz in 2010.

These guys like to get so high that they forgot to actually burn the songs onto the gorgeously presented blank CD they sent me. Whoops! This never happens to people who make fast loud music, as they are a touch more, um, 'alert.' Fortunately Fossil Collective have put the whole thing is on their myspazz for free anyway.

It doesn't start that promisingly. 'On and On' basically sounds like a bored 'Von Occupanther'-era Midlake running through a McFleetwood Mac and Fries 'upbeat' number and the fact they have put it first suggests they might be trying not to bore people, but have failed. It's all very competent and I was just reaching for the remote when 'Without a Fight' meandered onstage, smiling through its heartbroken little tears, and my stony Yorkshire heart positively melted. The reference points are pretty obvious - My Morning Jacket, Neil Young, and all that sort of Fleet Foxes -my woman-done-left-me-psychedelic folk rubbish we all like to secretly chill to - but no one needs originality when you've got soul. The lead vocal is a piercing ache shrouded in clouds of strings, slide guitars and glockenspiels, with synth effects burbling away in a way that suggests they might have the odd mid -period Pink Floyd vinyl somewhere too. 'When Frank Became an Orb' is even better, doing the 'building from churchy harmonies to the BIG MUSIC' trick excellently before washing itself slowly away in bass echoes.

I would, however, like to send them a copy of 'Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space' or maybe the new Besnard Lakes album. They're obviously so deep in a studio haze of dope smoke and overdubs that they have forgotten to occasionally press the button that makes the world explode. If they mixed this deep chilled relaxathon with a few ABSOLUTELY MENTAL LOUD GUITAR FREAK OUTS they could be amazing. Having risen from the death of a previous band which had a big success then fell to bits, they know the pratfalls and have all the time in the world to find themselves and their feet. Unfortunately being from the North East they will probably stumble through a bunch of gigs in front of fat, disinterested Geordies then get dropped faster than Kenickie, for they will not escape the Monkey Hanger's Curse. Still, really very good in a boring sort of way, and a solid 7/10 for now.