This is an archive of the band profile for Ultra Girls, The.

Hailing from Leeds, this four-piece are proud Northerners - warning: any Southerners might need subtitles when the girls get into full excitable mode - and want to put their city on the music map. The perfect antidote for anyone sick of dirgy indie or tacky ballads, these are the sort of girls you'd see on a Saturday night leading a nightclub full of people to a made up dance routine.

"We're young and fun. We want you to dance with us, wear your trackies with us and go crazy. It's not 'look how sexy we are' its girls singing about girls lives, not taking it too seriously or being too polished."

From the Girls Themselves:

Hi Y'all Amy, Laura, Lauren, and Lucy here!!!

Hope you are all fine and dandy and enjoying the new track - Girls Will Be Girls!

Us girls are working really hard at the minute with some big names in the music industry; we feel very lucky to have such a great team of people around us. The most important thing is we all have fun and when your having a laugh while your working hard on what you love you know you're onto a good thing! The Ultra Girls team rocks!!!

As a group of girls We love spending time together whether its in the studio, dancing, rehearsing, performing or just hanging out. Having been best friends for the last 4 years, we have such a strong bond we're like 4 sisters from different misters!...(did ya like that one :)). Right now we are on a journey to bring back ultimate pop and take it to the next level. We already have a head start as we are not manufactured in the slightest and everything we do has been from the creativity of our own heads - which is very rare in girl bands these days!

The Ultra Girls are all about the live performance, dancing, singing and just having fun on stage with each other, nothing beats the feeling we get on stage singing our own songs with fans dancing along, its the best!! Hope you all get to check out our behind the scenes videos, which usually consist of Laura talking rude about a boy, Lucy is probably half naked somewhere, Lauren taking the screen up with her Jedward quiff, Amy giving other celebrities head butts and us playing practical jokes on each other i.e. Laura jumping out on people tut tut! The videos show the truth of our sisterlyhood and our total opposite personalities and styles which should clash as they are all so strong but gel so well to form what The Ultra Girls is all about! ( p.s There are subtitles available on request if you're not fluent in broad Yorkshire)

Well guys its time to say ciao for now, stay tuned we promise its going to be an exciting ride and we want your support all the way!....

Lots of Love The Ultra Girls! X X X X.