This is a review of "Black and Blue" recorded by Open Disregard. The review was written by Danielle Millea in 2010.

These young lads from West Yorkshire are gaining strength from gigging constantly, and this extra practice shows through in their tight sound. The intro ('Black') sounds very similar to Milloy's work, a huge influence on the band, but the heavy riffs (something that Metallica would put their name to) soon show their face and then it's straight into track 2 ('Turning Blue'), a more hardcore punk track, with multiple vocals shouting "Haven't you heard!". The strength of the harsh metal vocals and speed of the technical playing is evident here. The dip into reggae halfway through track 3 ('Kids') shows the band's diversity in genres. The start of 'Dog Fight' with its northern talk-over of "dogs smashing together like a steam train" might not please everyone but I can assure you no animals were harmed making this CD!

This release would have had a higher rating if the mastering had been of higher quality, it lets the band down, but this is no fault of theirs. Who said the Gallows had brought back punk rock? Think again... these guys could have them any day.