This article was published in 2002.

After a lot of uncertainty over the Summer, Panama Promotions have finally agreed a new deal which will secure The Royal Park Cellars as a live music venue at least until the long-awaited pub refurbishment takes place sometime next year.

PANAMA PROMOTIONS will now handle ALL bookings for the venue with gigs split between in-house promotions and hire-out nights which will be available to other promoters and bands who want to put on their own show. Panama will continue to host Friday and Saturday nights, paying bands on a share of doortake basis, and in addition will seek to attract more national tours to the venue. Third parties will be able to hire the venue on other available nights, initially for £60 - which will include PA, lighting and an engineer (but not bar opening, for which the Royal Park management may make an additional charge).

Promoter Steve Kind said:

"What we hope we're working towards is a situation where RPC is a full time professional venue that still makes space for local bands at the very earliest stages of development - and has an inclusive as possible policy towards styles of music and other promoters."

There have been upgrades to the PA and lighting rig for the new season, and while the major improvements Panama would like to see at the venue are not yet scheduled, there are still hopes for the future. Steve added:

"The owners, Six Continents Retail, are still only prepared to carry out required health and safety work in The Cellars, but in our talks they left open the possibility of some cash injection whn the Royal Park is eventually re-furbished. We remain committed to working alongside the Manager of the Royal Park to realise the full potential of The Cellars as a live music venue"

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