This article was published in 2010.

'Music Happens Here' is a new album due to be released by Leeds College of Music on Monday 27th September. The album offers listeners a snapshot of the fresh, diverse and current sound coming from students at the College.

Drawing on their performance, composition and production talents, and in collaboration with industry experts, this compilation album offers a stepping stone to get their music to a wider audience and move their careers on to the next level.

Appearing on the compilation album are the following bands and musicians: Young Ideas; Jess Johnson and Dave Ingham; Jack Edwards; Fractures; Tom Excell; Ivory Vibes; Sam Reck; Tyratarantis; Seb Forrest; Transcendental Lift Music Ensemble (TLM Ensemble); Matt Belmont; Rpt. Rpt.; Roberto De Spirito; The Taste; We Were All Made In China; and Yoruba.

Daniel McDougall, from the band Young Ideas, said; "To be involved in the College album is something that I have found to be extremely useful. In the ever-changing music industry, any promotion you can get involved in is essential. Producing a College album to promote the talent within it has allowed a band like Young Ideas to gain a wider audience. It has also given me insight to the way in which a CD is put together and the processes that go with it. Overall, I thank the College for thinking up new and innovative ways to help promote its students."

You can buy the album from iTunes or via the LCM 'Music Happens Here' website.