This is an archive of the band profile for Grenades.

Lee Thackray - Vocals
Mark Bromham - Guitar / Vocals

GRENADES are a 2 piece acoustic / indie band based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Having been involved in the Leeds and UK Music scene for the past 14 years playing in various punk and hardcore bands we have laid down the heavy and fast riffs to concentrate on more melody and song writing.

We have always had a very punk ethos / approach when it comes to playing and writing with honesty, transparency and hopefully integrity reflecting and shining through our music.

We draw inspiration from various sources and we could probably name hundreds of bands that have paved our individual styles throughout the years to create the sound we have ended up with.

I always think its better to listen to something new with no preconceptions and to draw your own conclusion to who or what it sounds like.

Thanks for showing an interest in what we do..