This is a review of "1 of 200" recorded by Sketches. The review was written by Richard Sykes in 2010.

Sketches new EP, '1 of 200,' is the latest self-distributed limited CD by the Leeds-based indie-pop quartet, and if you check their previous LMS reviews it has a lot to live up to, with their first 2 singles getting 10/10 and 9/10 reviews.

The opener, 'Sycophants With Style' is expansive, intelligent guitar music. It's in a similar vein to Wild Beasts with the anthemic repeated falsetto refrain of "Oh mother, misery suits you" giving it a touch of stadium-rock epic-ness, but in a slightly more restrained and controlled, British way. Perfect pop single length at 3 and a half minutes (as with both of the other tracks on here), the only thing I wanted to do after it finished was press the back button to hear it again.

Next up,'Your God Gave Me Lemons' is a touch more down-beat with a rockier rhythm guitar. Strong vocals, a big repetitive sing-along chorus and builds up to a crescendo with chiming guitar before slowing to the finish.

Finally, 'Softly Into Our Graves' will also appeal to fans of Wild Beasts, starting with Sketches apparently signature delay guitar plucking and vocal, then kicking off into a strong drum-led verse but softening into the chorus. Not quite the loud-quiet-loud of bands like the Pixies but interesting and making the "Softly, softly into our graves" all the more effective.

I am happy to confirm that this one also hits the right buttons leaving you wanting more and is a worthy follow-up to the wonderful 'Bleed Victoria'. This along with their live performances will continue to win them fans and on the strength of the first 3 releases, I can't wait for their album.