This article was published in 2010.

Dandelion Radio DJs have selected tracks for a compilation album on Odd Box Records.

'Broadcast One' features over an hour of great tunes from various acts, many of which are taken from sessions recorded especially for Dandelion Radio, who have today revealed the tracks that will appear on this limited edition CD.

The compilation album includes 'The Headless Rentman' by The Truth About Frank.

The full tracklisting is:

1. Rachel & The Lawngrower 'Rain Again (Dandelion Radio Session)'
2. Jorg 'Non Stop Luck'
3. Maria And The Gay 'Motherfolkers'
4. Atomizer 'Black Hand (Extended Mix - Dandelion Radio Session)'
5. The Lovely Eggs 'I Like Birds But I Like Other Animals Too'
6. The Chasms 'Electrostatic (Dandelion Radio Session)'
7. Ed Askew & Steve Gunn 'When I Arrive (Dandelion Radio Session)'
8. Dilworth 'Box Of Delights'
9. Alisia Casper 'Change/Worried Man Blues (Dandelion Radio Session)'
10. The Truth About Frank 'The Headless Rentman (Dandelion Radio Session)'
11. The Dust Collectors 'Retro-Spective'
12. Spidersleg 'Devils In The Detail (Dandelion Radio Session)'
13. Hazel Winter 'Codeine (Dandelion Radio Session)'

'Broadcast One' is released by Odd Box Records on Monday 22nd November and can be pre-ordered right now for just £6 at