This is a review of "Darker Later" recorded by Humanfly. The review was written by Daniel Powell in 2010.

Humanfly represent a rare beast of a band these days. Plugging away on the UK's toilet circuit for the best part of a decade, their originally hardcore influenced sound has gradually developed into sprawling prog-metal of epic proportions, rendering them less commercially viable and less accessible to the casual listener over the years. Not that they care less of course, as 'Darker Later,' their latest offering through Brew Records demonstrates. Six songs of crushingly heavy, methodically layered metal showcasing the band's penchant for planet sized riffs and Sabbath style arrangements.

Serving as such a complete release, it would do the material injustice to single out a standout track. If ever there was an album tailor made to be listened to as a whole, then 'Darker Later' is it. The listening experience this album provides is one of immersion, engulfing the listener with its warm yet sludgy production, allowing the riffs to hammer away at the brain, leaving little room for rational thought. The only thought available at the album's close is the one that presses the repeat button on the stereo.