This is a review of "Believers In Descendants" recorded by Jilambis. The review was written by John Hepworth in 2010.

This ambitious young bunch from Wakefield have borrowed a brassy showbiz orchestra to introduce their brisk eight-song CD but they don't let it steal their thunder : the word Go propels us into the second track 'Ghetto Blaster', and the band's trademark ska-heightened punkery is shooting along. There's another nice detail a couple of tracks further on as the clonky cowbell takes on some dub reverb and bass. And when the rowdy dramatic 'Well, This Isn't Texas?' arrives can it be described as electro-ragga in parts? - hope so ; anyway it's good stuff with throbbing guitar, uplifting trumpet and a daft ending. 'P.R.O.B.E' might have a touch of tormented Talking Heads about it ; whereas the title song is almost a spoken soundtrack over instrumental riffwork. The closing item 'Dream Stalker, Nightmare Walker' plays with more possibilities than it manages to control, but it starts with the best tune on the album and though maybe it gets a bit too stompy too soon, it's a fine climax and sung in a better voice than all that precedes it. Jilambis show occasional genuine fierceness among their talents and offer a debut album they'll never need to feel shy about.