This article was published in 2010.

In order to celebrate and support their fantastic array of local artists, The Rock And Roll Circus has commissioned a series of compilation albums titled 'A Collection of Calamity'.

Volume One was released in February 2010 and was an overwhelming success, proving very popular (and can still be downloaded for free from bandcamp).

The Rock And Roll Circus are now releasing the second installment.

'A Collection of Calamity Volume Two' contains 17 tracks from bands from around the West Yorkshire region. Each band has either rehearsed at, or has been involved in side projects at The Rock And Roll Circus.

The tracks included are -

1. Cowtown - (Kim) Deal Breaker
2. (OK) - Motorway Suicide
3. Milk White White Teeth - Dante's Danceteria
4. Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra - Lost in Kinshasa
5. Hail Animator - What You Did
6. Milk - Zappa Town
7. Insect Guide - Dark Days and Nights
8. Gold Frank - Underground Sound
9. Jack, and Gill's Daughter - Circles
10. Just Handshakes (We're British) - Hold Your Breath
11. This Many Boyfriends - I Don't Like You (Cos You Don't Like The Pastels)
12. Blood Oranges - We Killed Them All
13. The Loud - I Am a War
14. The Plight - Hard to Swallow
15. Beretta Suicide - So Gentle
16. Etai Keshiki - 391 Ways to Look Amazing
17. tenBennys - Mr Ice Cold

The compilation album - including stunning artwork created by local artist Jonny Hewison - will be available on CD for FREE from Jumbo Records, Crash Records, Blue Rinse and all the hippest Leeds hotspots from the middle of October 2010.

You can also download the entire compilation album from Rock and Roll Circus page at bandcamp.

The album was mastered by Ross Halden at Ghost Town.

As well as providing local bands with an inspirational setting to rehearse and write, and these amazing compilations, The Rock And Roll Circus also hosts schools holidays music courses for local children through their Rock School Programme.