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Typical, as it had become since the reckoning of mind control theorists toward the back-end of the twentieth century, the night was restless. Mass rehabilitation was ongoing with grim hope of a customary future for the majority. Paranoia and wide-spread fear of a relapse in authoritative negligence united the nation. Instigated by Svengali-esque idealists the counterculture regime had culminated in a public hypnosis experimentation which led to incomprehendible tyranny. Dystopian Britain showed no sign of reform but a pocket of individuals managed to retreat to subterranean slums to flee the blackening sky. Though relatively safe underground, very few could find peace with their inner selves, subsequently resulting in their demise. Utilising available resources, those that had evaded the ever maddening regime pooled their ideas and proposed a backlash. Confidence grew in the hearts of those privy to the imminent retaliation. This was Estocade. And with an injection of optimism, sleep came to the fearful ones..