This article was published in 2010.

With his debut album 'Roseville Grand', Neil McLarty has created the perfect escape to a time when Neil Young was worshipped like a God, country tinged rock ruled the airwaves and long haired idealists lay back on the grass and soaked up songs like the sun.

Listen to "Roseville Grand" and pedal steel guitars and creaky organs will wash over you. Whilst the loose rhythms and lazy guitar breaks recall Neil Young and classic seventies FM radio, this record also bears the influence of contemporary American indie bands like Wilco and Calexico. The evocative and outstanding sonic qualities of this album are thanks in no small part to producer Richard Formby (Spacemen 3, Herman Dune, Dakota Suite). Formby has created a warm and atmospheric record.

Like his heroes (and fellow Caledonians) Teenage Fan Club, McLarty expertly captures a classic American sound yet the music remains resolutely British. With this debut album Neil McLarty has created a great example of 'UK Americana' and a perfect slab of sonic escapism guaranteed to transport the listener to a different (and better) time and place.

'Roseville Grand' by Neil McLarty is currently available at but will soon be available from i-tunes, Amazon and all the usual places.

The Album will be available on CD at the following live dates:

November 10th Milo, Leeds
November 15th Oporto, Leeds
November 16th Liquid Ship, Glasgow
November 18th Wellington Inn, Hull
December 3rd Escobar, Leeds
December 30th Henry Boons, Wakefield