This is a review of "Mona Lisa" recorded by Dinosaur Pile-up. The review was written by Jessica Thornsby in 2010.

Dinosaur Pile-up's 'Mona Lisa' single would fit neatly onto Ash's 'Meltdown' album (it particularly reminds me of 'Out of the Blue.') The headrush riffing played with a garage-rock style distortion, topped off with twitchy vocals, strikes a perfect balance between sing-along appeal and grit. This is an instantly likeable song, that doesn't dull with repeat listens. Elsewhere, 'Mona Lisa' has a cocksure, bass-heavy swagger, mixed up with a liberal dose of stylish slide-guitar. Big-chorused rock with a gruff underbelly, it's perfectly placed to win over those who are just after a catchy chorus, whilst also offering enough edge to catch the attention of those harder-to-please rock fans.