This article was published in 2010.

The first Yorkshire Musicians' Social Media Surgery is set to be held on 3rd November, from 6-30pm, at the Round Foundry Media Centre.

The event is free, but you do need to book your place.

At the event will be Pat Fulgoni of Music Yorkshire, who is active in promoting music from Yorkshire and puts together an annual compilation of Yorkshire bands for the delegates at SXSW.

The Yorkshire Musicians' Social Media Surgery will help bands and musicians to understand the benefits of and how to connect with fans online through social media.

For artists and bands, social media provides an opportunity to connect with people they wouldn't otherwise have had the chance to.

The ways to connect to an audience are no longer limited to the people bands see at shows, and through the traditional media, radio, or the music press. These days there are other possibilities to have a wider reach, to build on new and existing relationships to build a larger, stronger and more loyal fanbase for your band.

To book your place (for free) visit

Watch the video below about the event: