This is a review of "Badchild Farsight" recorded by Volcanoes. The review was written by Lesley Jackson in 2010.

Volcanoes have got themselves into a bit of a lava, and rightly so. Another quality EP from this band with a lot to say and a lot to do and the Powers-That-Be have still not signed them. Well I think I would have something to say about that, actually I can, so I will. 'Badchild Farsight' is a finely crafted EP with a selection of indie style - genre challenging songs with a pace I fear I am getting too old and unfit to keep up with. So why have these talented young men not been signed yet? Beats me but when you listen to the second song on their latest EP, 'Harlequin' whose lyrics tackle the issue of the social 'in' crowd, you can start to understand why having just an enormous amount of musical talent isn't enough, you've got to pucker up and kiss the right backsides as well. The perennial problem.

'Badchild Farsight' opens with classic Volcanoes rock with a hint of hip-hop, a bit like adding a hint of salt to chocolate, sounds odd but somehow it just works. 'Talking Shadows' displays a change of pace half way through, lead singer Samson Bedford takes a rest and Kevin Shirley takes the reins with a deeper base and more melodic layering, giving the listener a breather until they are hit with the soon-to-be-released single 'Monkey Gossip Cross Tesseract.' It fair leaves you gasping for breath with its pace and with its hint of 'Bloc Party' and yes, a church organ, but I can't wait to jump up and down and shake my head to this at one of their gigs. And I found out what a Tesseract was, a multi-dimensional cube, bit like Volcanoes really, more to them than first meets the eye. The only song that doesn't quite ring true is the last one, 'I Think I Know Stuff Reading the News' but after hearing 'Monkey Gossip Cross Tesseract', who cares.

Buy it, listen and dance and then write to your local MP and ask why Volcanoes haven't been signed by a major label yet.