This is a review of "Dark Days And Nights" recorded by Insect Guide. The review was written by Dave Procter in 2010.

Insect Guide are Su Sutton and Stan Howells, vocals and guitars/epicness, with additional Chris Cyanide Pills on drums when they play live. When they play live, it's a phenomenal sight and sound, full and sense overloading. We're not talking about live here though are we? It's a new LP. Is the LP up to the job? You bet it is. From the opening noise-drenched "Wasted" via the delayed forever title track and stop start overdriven guitar and keyboards of "Insider", the emphasis is on beginning, making a big point, and moving on, with Su's vocals equally soothing and menacing and Stan's use of quiet and LOUD equally effective. Reference points are Spacemen 3, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins and a whole host of other late 80s/early 90s sonic racket makers. If this means nothing to you, then there's a big gap in your education to fill. Ask Santa nicely and get this LP for Xmas.