This is a review of "Sea of Tranquility" recorded by Cut Out Shapes. The review was written by Rachel Gardner in 2010.

Cut Out Shapes are an amalgamation of several different Leeds bands that have come together to form a group in the hope to follow some of the recent success Leeds bands have been having of late. They are already signed to D.I Records, have played a host of gigs around Leeds and played on Alan Raw's radio show. Everything seems set in place to make a mark on the local scene, so how will their EP fair as an offering amongst all the other bands around?

Instantly you notice the howling vocals that have a harsh edge to them making interesting listening, verging on madness whilst staying in the realm of the sane. With Jack White's strangeness, Matt Bellamy's dark edge and Alex Turners accessibility. An exciting mix of qualities that make the tracks recognisable and not fade into the background.

There is a low-fi quality to the recordings, done by Will Jackson who recorded Pigeon Detectives, which gives them a relaxed feel. Amongst the gritty drums and bass there are enough sound effects and distortions to add an extra dimension and exuberance that urges you to want to see them live. The tracks are well written with some awesome drum fills and well paced so that the leg tap at the start of the song becomes a full on body shake.

'Sea of Tranquility' has to be my stand out track; guitars are unleashed in a 'These Crooked Vultures' pounding melody and the lead singer has eeriness that really works and makes the band stand out in the already brilliant Leeds music scene.