This article was published in 2002.

To re-emphasise their promotional and recording commitments to the UK scene, Action Directe are launching their own DIY label and promoter outfit - Oktober Productions. This new aggregate will concentrate on industrial, EBM, punk and goth in West Yorkshire, providing the basis for a concerted counter-attack on the on the cultural elitism of the mass media that holds the UK industrial-goth scene in a forbidding chokehold. The move will unite the bands' recording output with that of other local artists, with Leeds-based folk-punk-goth truthsayers The Black Cross Federation being the first of hopefully many to march beneath the Oktober flag. It also follows hard on the success of the Oktober-promoted gig at Leeds Josephs Well in March, which featured Action Directe, Wasp-Factory horrorcore merchants Freudstein, the excellent sleazy goth-punk of Sheffield's Sanctuary and local folkstress Sarah Lawton. More gigs and a potential club night are also being planned.

The band are re-issuing their back catalogue as the first fruits of Oktober. 'Bloc Rocking Beats' (OKT CD001), 'Cognitive Dissidents' (OKT CD002) and the hitherto hard-to find 'Legitimate Military Targets' (OKT CD003) are now available through Oktober Productions. More releases, including an absolutely essential compilation featuring national and local artists, are being planned.