This article was published in 2010.

Gang Of Four have announced details of their brand new album 'Content', their first album of new songs for 16 years.

The band, originally from Leeds, are one of the most radical and radically important groups of the last thirty years. They are set to release their first album of new songs for 16 years on January 24th, 2011.

The album will be titled 'Content' and the record sees founding members Jon King and Andy Gill continue to deliver intelligent and liberating music that is both provocative and thrilling.

New tracks include 'Who Am I?' 'You Don't Have To Be Mad', 'I Can't Forget Your Lonely Face' and 'I Party All The Time' and they reveal Gang Of Four to be just as challenging and unconventional now as they were in 1978.

'Content' will be available in a standard CD release and on vinyl. It will also be available in a limited edition Ultimate Content Can.