This is a review of "The Journey So Far..." recorded by Jenni Noyes. The review was written by Robb Frost in 2010.

Crystal clear, you can hear the breath in her graceful voice. And with such personal songs it's hard not to feel like you're getting to know her as she sings.

Live, Jenni galvanises the audience and has brought busy rooms to silence. But the theatre of performance is different to the precision of a CD. Recognising this, there are gentle added overdubs and harmonies creeping in as the CD progresses. Rapid bongos appear on the 4 track and then electronic drums on the last. But always have these additions been subtle, and they help the EP progress.

Yeah, she's a blatant hippy chick. Songs about love and babies, with the inlay sleeve being hand made for the personal touch. But this only serves to emphasis her personality in her voice and emotional introspection in her songs. 'The Journey So Far...' implies it is an introduction, a gentle hello, that beckons on with interest and anticipation, the next chapter.