This article was published in 2010.

With his debut 'None of The Above' (2009) drawing favourable comparisons with such respected artists as Damon Albarn, Elliott Smith, Badly Drawn Boy and Bon Iver, 2010 sees the release of William Gray's second album 'Vertical Wealth'.

The song off this album which has currently received the most airplay, 'Sparks Don't Fly', was co-produced with his brother Fran, who also played drums and glockenspiel on the track, lending it a somewhat slicker sound.

Overall it can be said the willingness for sonic experimentation remains in a way that makes William Gray stand out from others in the singer-songwriter mould but this album, like its predecessor, still doesn't miss the crucial importance of good, solid tunes.

The album is available now from William Gray -

Album artwork is by by Layla Garner.