This is a review of "The Devil And I" recorded by Lone Wolf. The review was written by Patrick Timson in 2010.

Lone Wolf is a Leeds based performer, who combines an uncompromising use of imagination, with often complex song structures. Opening track 'This Is War' greets you wide eyed, setting the tone for the dreamlike landscapes scattered throughout 'The Devil And I'. Lyrically the listener is placed in a no man's land between love and death, both unnerving and beautiful. Disturbing themes appear to be a mainstay of this accomplished debut. Lead single 'Keep Your Eyes On The Road' is carried by a thumping percussion and lush guitar segments, heightened by its unabashed tonality.

The album feels like it should grow weary, but testament to Lone Wolf's ability is the virtuoso manner in which he manages to delve into newer and bleaker terrain. Tracks such as 'We Could Use Your Blood', and 'Russian Winter', feature the kind of intricate guitar reminiscent of bygone folksters, Nick Drake or Tim Buckley. Climatically, 'The Devil And I (Part2)' will leave you happy to return to your somewhat less troubled existence.

This is bold stuff from a relative newcomer who appears to have been honing his craft away from the public sphere for some time. Lone Wolf really should be firmly planted in the lexicon of any Fleet Foxes fan with a particular penchant for a sombre night in. Also essential for anyone who thinks the latest crop of Indie Folk acts have outgrown their introspective roots.