This is a review of "Space & Time EP" recorded by Nikoli. The review was written by Catherine Klein in 2002.

"Space and Time" has gentle acoustic guitars underpinning a soft, soothing vocal with a chorus that induces goose bumps and a lump in the throat. The artwork is striking, depicting a wandering and world-weary bard. A strong songwriting ethic encases the delicate dreamy quality of these four songs, which are impossible to listen to without become wistful and retrospective about one's own life.

Never Know has some wonderful moments with the gorgeous refrain of "I love you in ways you'll never know", and the high, climatic strings bring an anthemic quality to the closing moments. There is evidence of real composition showcased here and it would be very interesting to hear what they would sound like with a naturally stronger, jazz -tinged vocal. If his own project does not work out as a career, Nikoli may have a future writing material for professional performers.

Don't Go is so very Spiritualised and the least original piece. Already surpassing ex-Spaceman 3 member, Jason Pierce, he should not feel the need to emulate him so closely.

Nikoli plays all the instruments himself, proving his worth not only as a multi-talented musician, but also as a strong producer and engineer. In the process of forming a live band, we can expect great things in the future. Recommended.