This is an archive of the band profile for Boss Caine.

Boss Caine are a folk/americana collective from York, England.

Formed around the songs and music of singer-songwriter Daniel Lucas (aka GT Turbo) they release their debut album on Little Num Num Music in march 2010.

The album, entitled 'The Ship That Sailed' contains a selection of tunes written by Lucas over the last few years. A time that saw him leave his home town for London, before returning to York and putting together the revolving line-up of local musicians that would become Boss Caine.

Recorded at Sam Forrest's 'Factory of Un-Professional Sound' studio in the North Yorkshire countryside, the album see's Boss Caine's core team of Lucas, Forrest and Andy Gaines producing the record and being joined by many of the musicians who have graced the stage as Boss Caine over the last few years.

Years of hard living, hard drinking and love turned sour inform an album that is for the large part acoustic and at times visits some quite dark places, but is ultimately carried along by a healthy dose of Northern positivity and stoicism. The record is also the first in a trilogy of albums containing material written by Dan over the last few years that are due for release later this year..