This article was published in 2002.

Eve McGuire is the eight year old Horsforth Schoolgirl who has featured in several recent articles about her medical needs. She suffers from a rare genetic condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome. This means her facial bones and cartilage are not properly formed and she has to breathe through a tube. An operation can be performed, by a New York specialist, which will remove the need for the breathing tube and greatly enhance Eve's condition. Fund-raisers led by local businessman Neil Hunt are hoping to collect £100,000 to pay for Eve's operation.

Neil Hunt owns stage lighting specialists Zig Zag Lighting Ltd., and when he told one of his old clients, "Lorries" Lead Singer Chris Reed, of the fund raising efforts, Chris immediately wanted to help. After contacting other former members of the band Chris offered to play a one off concert to help raise cash. Cockpit promoter Colin Oliver offered the use of the famous Leeds venue and to promote the concert free of charge. With staff all wanting to do their bit every penny will be able to boost Eves fund which is already at a staggering £62,000 after just five months of fund raising effort.

It is a pleasant thought that if successful the operation will have the side effect of allowing Eve to pronounce the name of the band who are so determined to help her. With a name like a child's tongue twister, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry hope to combine an evening of their unique psychedelic punk with a boost of around £3,000 for Eve's operation.

The concert is on Saturday 2nd November at the Cockpit and tickets are priced at only £6 in advance. (£7 on the door)

For old fans, or anyone who has not yet experienced the energy of a Red Lorry Yellow Lorry concert, this is a unique opportunity to "Generate" a large sum to help one of the best local causes around. All achieved at the same time as enjoying the first "Lorries" gig for many years.